The Waiting Day

It is a waiting day
And so we wait
And wait
Seeing with the eyes of a broken heart
The days past
Of profound revelation
And raunchy commentary on how to get a man
Still waiting
We go up
Up to the place where she lies still
Gone, still able to make us laugh
As we remember
Tears streaming we wait
And then the exodus
The filing out and away
Bring the body to it resting place
Jostled in the back of truck
Smiling and knowing that it will only be a minute
Till reunion
Blue skies, surrounded by the beauty
That is community
Life together 7 years and counting
Seeing the fear around
What if this was me, her, us
And we cling to each other
Still waiting

Shut out of the place that is for final resting
Our horrific gender potentially corrupting the earth
Our beautiful created femininity
Cast to the street
Turned aside, not even allowed to look on
While men, only men
Bury our friend, sister, mother
Our presence on the street telling a story
Of profound love
Of resistance to “go home”
“your not welcome here”
we will stay still till we know she rests
your prayers may prayed inside
and ours outside, resisting with
the violence that is our love
only three carry our community inside
they will have to be enough

such few men, to stand for an infinity of women warriors

we never miss a chance to say goodbye
to answer that call and go

to stand with and HOLD
we hold it dear those last moments of life
when you were here
kissed on the forehead, hand held, prayers like incense

Dear woman friend, sister, mother, daughter, lover, giver of laughter

AND we wait
for a minute…