A little tiny list of some moments in 2012

Tried to live everyday as one who is loved.

Called things by their right name.

Re-engaged life in Kolkata after sabbatical fully.

Lost my dear beloved friend Rina.

Celebrated 6 years of life at Sari Bari.

Celebrated 11 years with WMF.

Saw the David in Florence (a moment among moments).

Saw the San Damiano Cross in Assisi. (another moment of among moments)

Met Hillary Clinton.

Even more important got to tell the Sari Bari Story to Hillary Clinton and she got to meet Tinki.

Thailand with Melissa. The beginning of a good thing.

Lost My Baba.

Believed that the “impossible was possible”

Participated in making “beer” for the first time.

Negotiated the purchase of the first property for Sari Bari.

Moved.  A little more sustainable with a view.

Went to the opening of the first Starbucks in India. 

Got to spend Thanksgiving with dear friends Jared and Julie and Minde and Kevin along with my favorite Kolkata bideshi’s.

Survived and lived into “fertile Chaos” from July to December 2012.

Designed some cool new products for Sari Bari.

Facilitated the 2nd Annual Sari Bari Quilt Auction

Got a little better at negotiating social media.

Spent more time living as a whole and healthy human being.

Lost 22 pounds.

Attended a wedding and two funerals.

Celebrated the 7th Sari Bari Christmas Party.

Got to be with my family for Christmas

Wrote down a very limited view of a tremendously full year!

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