We reject…

We reject the lie that turning tricks is sexual pleasure or agency for women. We reject the lie that women can and do become wealthy in systems of prostitution. We reject the lie that women control and are empowered in systems of prostitution. We reject the false divisions imposed by society which differentiate between pornography, peep shows, live sex shows, and prostitution as it is commonly defined. Each is a type of commercial sexial exploitation and abuse which reduces women to commodities for the pleasure and profit of men. Each is premised on inequality due to a condition of birth: gender. Because the only prerequisite necessary to be targeted for this abuse is to be born female, the commercial trafficking in women is by definition a form of sex descrimination. -Women Hurt in Systems of Prostitution Engaged in Revolt via Alicia Bunch (fellow freedom advocate and sister in El Alto, Bolivia Suti Sana)

2 thoughts on “We reject…

  1. I agree and commend the articulation. However, I have a observation – The focus is women being the victim which is true but we must realize that men also suffer. Think of it. We can’t keep them in separate category. Are we being ignorant of the devices of Evil one?

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